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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 8, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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escalating sectarian violence. u.s. military force will help religious minorities being hunted down. bay area assyrian americans rallied in support of the military action. >> we're asking for the united states and the world to take a stand and protect assyrians, kick isis out of iraq and give christians a safe haven for assyrians. >> reporter: u.s. cargo planes are dropping food and waters in the mountains of northern iraq. that's where thousands of members of a religious group known as the yazidis are trapped. isis already threatened to kill anyone who tries to leave. >> when we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then i believe the united states of america cannot turn a blind eye. >> reporter: an iraqi human rights spokesman says militants have taken hundreds of yazidis women hostage and holding some in schools in mosul. the obama administration has already instructed u.s.
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airlines not to fly over northern iraq because of the hostile environment. live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> senator dianne feinstein is strongly backing air strikes. she said today it takes an army to defeat an army and i believe that we either confront isis now or we will be forced to deal with an even stronger enemy in the future." in hawaii, one tropical storm and a hurricane on the way. the shores of paradise are getting slammed. it's been more than two decades since hawaii has been hit this hard with tropical weather like this. iselle came ashore on the big island earlier this morning as a tropical storm but it still is packing a punch. 60-mile-per-hour winds and flash flooding hit some areas. power was out in thousands of homes. maui right now, dark clouds cover the skies. rain and high winds are still hitting the island. but it's not nearly as bad as
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it was this morning. cbs reporter bigad shaban with a look at the damage from iselle. >> reporter: those here on the big island elizabeth and ken are spending the day trying to get a better sense of the mess that iselle left behind. the governor said there are no reports of injuries. the storm did cause flash floods as well as damage to several communities. the storm sent trees crashing on this house on the eastern part of hawaii's big island. you were actually trapped in your house? >> yeah. >> reporter: matthew pulido was home with his friend and daughter. >> i was in the kitchen making dinner and then just heard a crash, hit the house, shook the house, and the power went out. >> reporter: storm came ashore in the early morning with 60- mile-per-hour winds that brought down trees and power lines. thousands of homes were left in the dark. heavy rains triggered flash floods. a river rose more than 13 feet in 12 hours.
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ben and paul koehler are vacationing from maine. >> with our backpacks on -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: ahead of the storm, hundreds of people built area shelters including this one at hilo high school. iselle is moving north and west dumping more rain on the rest of the hawaiian islands. a second storm julio a cat-2 is expected to weaken and miss the state by a couple of hundred miles. >> even though julio's forecast is to the north, we keep an eye on it. >> reporter: despite the weather, state's primary election will go on as planned tomorrow. candidates suspended campaigning today as the islands rode out the storm. and the national guard is now scouring the big island here car va vanning in humvees -- caravaning in humvees to assess the damage. bigad shaban kpix 5. >> a nasa satellite caught this image of the twin storms. it passed over three times to get this image. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the storm. >> a bullet dodged by hawaii.
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yes, there is damage but the widespread damage that could have happened by a stronger storm that lasted longer, that did not happen. these are the current wind gusts outside right now. yes, it's windy but not damaging winds anything from 23 miles per hour to about 35 miles per hour in honolulu. we did see a 91-mile-per-hour wind gust at a high elevation ah metropolitan in a kea. at the airport 55 miles per hour. we are talking about two storms iselle is the one that's going to make the direct hit. the latest track of hurricane julio watch the cone t will miss hawaii. is it going to be windy? yes and a lot of rain. is it going to be a direct hit causing widespread big damage? no. so hurricane julio close but it will be a near miss for hawaii. we'll talk about our weekend chance with a chance of
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thunderstorms coming up. new at 5:00 a deadly industrial accident in oakland. a man has been crushed between two buses in a repair yard this afternoon at the charter pros bus company on 45th avenue. the man believed to be a mechanic was found wedged between the buses by some other workers there. his name and age haven't been released yet. cal/osha is investigating the accident. palo alto police are warning about a sexual assault near the stanford campus. they say a man walking a pit bull groped a woman. the woman in her 50s says the man started talking to her on amherst street. she then says that he touched her inappropriately. the suspect is a white man in his 20s about 6'3", 220 pounds with a tattoo on his right arm walking a gray pit bull when the alleged assault happened. with friends like this, who needs enemies? palo alto police say the man in the white cap robbed a man he
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just made friends with. they met at a convenience store wednesday night, went out for coffee on university avenue and that's when the friendship went south. the robber stole the man's wallet, pepper sprayed him in the face and fled. some san jose city council members are calling for a security hearing after two high- profile breaches at mineta san jose airport. marilyn hartman was arrested after flying from san francisco to l.a.x. the hearings are expected to address what's being done right now and what changes need to be made to keep the airports secure. it was a major black eye for san francisco general. now the family of a woman found dead on a stairwell is planning to sue the city. the family of lynne spalding filed a claim seeking damages of more than $25,000. it blames the city-run hospital and sheriff's department for medical malpractice and
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negligence. spalding disappeared from her room september 21. the hospital staff never searched the stairwell even after a researcher reported seeing a body. spalding had been dead for days when she was finally found october 8. the death of former white house press secretary james brady has been ruled a homicide as a result of a gunshot wound that he sustained more than 30 years ago. brady was shot in the head during an assassination attempt on president ronald reagan in 1981. he was reagan's press secretary at the time and was left partially paralyzed from that event. he died this week at age 73. john hinkley pulled the trigger and is currently a patient at a psychiatric hospital. forget hidden cash. it's a hunt for hidden stash at golden gate park. >> got about four or five friends who buried their makers mark. i'm ready to drink it now, dude. >> concert-goers spill their sneaky strategy to get booze into outside lands. >> and your friendly postal
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worker at work. how a nosy neighbor exposed this mail mischief. >> carpool on demand. the new way to hitch a ride with a stranger and save some cash. ,,,,,,,,
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weekend at the outside lands music festival at golden ga park. > big names, huge crowds and traffic headaches are on tap this weekend at the outside lands music festival at golden gate park. kanye west is tonight's headliner. now, people aren't supposed to bring booze in. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo tells us there are some unorthodox plans to get around the rule. >> reporter: that's the plan. no hard alcohol inside but some visitors they have a plan of their own. now, it started days even weeks ago. they only sell beer and wine inside. but today we went digging to see just how far some are willing to go to get their hands on hard liquor. >> reporter: the venue is massive and there's a lot of room to roam at golden gate
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park's polo grounds. josh says the venue's size helps hide hard alcohol. >> they got about four or five friends who buried their makers mark. [ laughter ] >> about three days ago. >> reporter: they have already uncovered their buried treasure without breaking a sweat. they buried the whiskey with a gps tracker on it used a crowd as cover from security, and then started digging. he is excited to get inside. >> i'm ready to drink the makers mark right now, dude. that's the truth. >> reporter: the event organizer had never heard of such a thing. he didn't give it much thought. >> that's a new one. that one i haven't heard before. i'm not going to spend a lot of time worrying about that. >> reporter: he says security cameras just installed for this year's festival will help police keep watch from a command center. >> it's really just to have a quicker response to anything that might computer. >> reporter: last year there were only a dozen arrests and 150 citations. that's not a lot considering about 200,000 people showed up. organizers expect a similar showing this year and hope the added security helps. >> all sorts of things could
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happen when 65,000 people are together. >> reporter: stories like this happen. josh says that they have been doing this for a couple of years. and he says they do that because the security at the front entrance gate is so tight. also, around here, it's tough to get around. there are a lot of headaches. neighbors are upset about the parking because it's tight around here. we'll give you some tips of the best ways to get around coming up at 6:00. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo. >> kpix 5. >> thank you. outside lands will be crowded all weekend as he mentioned. so pack your patience. and head to our website, we will post realtime traffic conditions band schedules and event planning. well, for those who cannot afford to go to a 49ers game at the new levi's stadium, 25 bucks will get you into some of the exclusive areas. the 9ers kicked off public tours today. the guided tour takes you through the common areas such
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as the museum and into the seating area of the stadium but you also get to go into the areas the average fan will never see including the united club and some of the 170 luxury suites. >> it's probably going to be only time i'm going to be able to be in here. this is amazing. hopefully i can enjoy a football game in here someday. >> 49ers are offering free prizes for anyone who books a tour in august. a would-be car thief has no idea he just took the bait. you won't believe the song he blasted before he got busted. >> and it's casual carpool uber style. how much you can save by sharing your ride with a stranger. ,,,,,,
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delivering it... to the dump this explains what happened to a bunch of missing mail. a postal worker is caught on video delivering it to the dumpster and even goes back into the van and drops a second box in the trash! people living in the cincinnati neighborhood say their mail had been missing for weeks. and one man spotted the worker and recorded her on his cell phone. >> people missing out on bills, letters. it could just be anything. anything important and necessary, you know, you missing out on cuz they are doing stuff like that. it's crazy. >> when the postal service got wind of what was happening,
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they went to the dumpster and retrieved the mail. the worker has been placed on unpaid leave. hundreds of ap test scores thrown out over a seating mistake. now a new law aims to keep students from going through that hassle again. the state assembly passed the bill after an incident at mills high school in millbrae last year. you will remember, hundreds of students had to retake their ap test because they sat at roundtables which violated the rules. the bill would speed up investigations and allow students to retake exams a lot sooner. it also requires staff to keep a seating chart. other bay area headlines tonight. the discovery of a human skeleton slowing construction at the new transbay terminal site. crews were pouring concrete when they found the bones tuesday. that skeleton was identified as native american and crews roped off the remains in a protected area. native american representative will determine how those bones should be handled. an overturned garbage truck
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caused a messy commute on this morning's commute in the south bay. the accident on northbound 87 blocked three lanes near 280. it took two hours to move the truck and clean up the spilled trash. the highway patrol says the driver lost control. it's about to feel like old times at the caldecott tunnel. only three of the four bore also be open to traffic the next three nights. workers will be realigning the approach to the eastbound tunnel that no longer needs to be switched to handle westbound traffic. ridesharing services are stepping up their game and literally letting you share rides with other customers. uber is the latest app to come out with a carpooling feature. kpix 5's don ford takes a look at the so-called uber pool. >> reporter: traffic is bad in san francisco and using uber to get a ride is popular and cheap. >> i use it whenever i feel too lazy to use bart i guess. >> reporter: now uber is beta testing its version of the carpool, called uber pool. you touch the screen, share the
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ride with someone nearby, and share the cost, too. >> then maybe you might meet someone that, you know, like could be friends with or, you know, or you could even probably do it with your coworkers. >> they come right to you. you can track it to see, like, where they are, what they look like, you know, it's really convenient. >> reporter: but some women we spoke to say they are not sure if they would use uber pool. >> let's say i was looking for a ride with one of my girlfriends? i don't think i would want to carpool with a stranger just because you never know, like, who he'll be. >> reporter: uber says their carpool option will save 40% on your ride. so a ride from the castro to the financial district would be about 6 bucks. the sunset district to soma, $10. right now it's an exclusive invite only beta testing but everyone will be able to check it out for themselves soon. according to the uber website, the full rollout of this new product begins august 15. in san francisco, don ford,
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kpix 5. >> now, uber's not the first one to try out those carpooling features. lyft had a similar feature introduced this week. a car thief fell into a police trap in albuquerque. but even better, it's the ironic song on the radio. take a listen. ♪[ music ] [ inaudible ] >> don't you love this when you see suspects get busted ? 21- year-old drew mayo all smiles. hey, i got a car while the song "the best day of my life" was place. it didn't take long for his best day to become his worst. police planned the bait car. when he thought he was in the clear police remotely shut it off and he was arrested moments later. >> oh. >> yeah. >> not a good idea. >> no. [ laughter ] >> not the best day of my life. >> no. >> but hopefully a great weekend coming up in our future. >> we don't suggest doing that. weather, this is going to
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be perfect. we are right in the sweet spot where we'll have sunny weather but not that crystal clear blue sky. look at the view from oakland right now. hazy right now. we still have some moisture in the atmosphere. fire is burning in just about every direction. so a little bit of milky white color to the sky but it is sunny out there. it is warm. look at santa rosa and livermore. that's warm in the 80s. but we are not in the 90s, not in the 100s, no records being set. oakland comfortable at 73. san bruno 71 this fine friday evening. san francisco currently 67 degrees. we want the skies to be clear because we want to see this: it would be the "supermoon." the moon when it's the closest to the earth literally is larger when you looked at it. we had one last month. this is the closest it will be this year. this will be the most super "supermoon" there is. when is it? coming up on sunday night, ken bastida. you can go outside and the moon will appear larger because, hey, it's closer. that's how things work. ken will be out there howling!
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let's talk about el nino. napa likelihood drops from 8 -- el nino likelihood drops from 80%. a strong el nino is not likely this winter. if you thought we would erase our rainfall deficit in one winter, it now looks like that is going to happen. likelihood dropped from 80% to 65%. clear in concord tonight, san jose 61. san francisco dropping down to 58 degrees. it's all about a huge ridge of high pressure sitting down to our south. perfect spot we are tapping into the onshore flow. but it's not so strong that we stay cloudy all day long. that will hold through the weekend. little guy up here another tiny little area of low pressure is going to put a little fly in the ointment. the low gets closer pulls up a little bit of tropical moisture. a thunderstorm chance there could be a thunderstorm in the north bay or the east bay away from the water coming up on monday. but watch out for that because fire danger is elevated. thunder and lightning are problems. tropical moisture coming back
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monday. tiny chance of an inland thunderstorm. the weekend will be quiet and pleasant. concord tomorrow 83. actually below normal by 5 degrees. san jose hitting 80. cupertino 77. hayward 75. sunshine for san ramon 84. antioch 87. concord 83. livermore 86. nice day in san francisco, morning fog afternoon sunshine, 68. novato 80. we have the grape harvest already in napa, high 81 there. st. helena 87 degrees. monday slight chance of inland thunderstorms and really aside from that there's not much else going on aside from perfection? >> mid-70s near the bay and 80s inland. we'll be watching that thunderstorm chance on monday, fire danger still super high. >> thank you. tiny leak, big problem. consumerwatch on the handy tool that's great for the drought and can save you from costly home repairs.
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consumer watch reporter ju re's one that the drought has created a market for high-tech water saving gadgets. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says there's one that may save you more than just money on your water bill. >> reporter: gary checks his alarm every day. an alarm not designed to detect break-ins or even a fire. it's part of a water leak detection system one of many new devices for homeowners who want to know if their home has sprung a leak. >> you have a lot of pipe running through the house. any of those at any time can have a problem. >> reporter: sensors for other products are installed near leaky sources, toilets, faucets, dishwashers, appliances that use water in spurts making leaks hard to spot. but sentinel's device is a water cop of sorts that completely shuts your water off. it monitors how long water is
5:25 pm
flowing into the house from city lines. homeowners set a predetermined limit, usually 20 to 30 minutes and if water is flowing longer, an alarm sounds and the water is cut off. >> it's much easier to cut waste if it doesn't affect your lifestyle. >> reporter: scott of sentinel hydrosolutions says up to 20% of all water flowing into a home is wasted by leaks. not to mention the costly damage of interior flooding from a leaky toilet to a broken hose. >> that's what the consumer doesn't realize, oh, it's just a little leak. a small leak over a long period of time is a flood whether it's down the drain or in the living room. >> reporter: which is half the reason gary says he invested in the $2,500 sensor. saving water may save money but it can save a lot more than that. >> things that you can't replace like heirlooms and things likes that. >> reporter: now, damage from water leaks can cost tens of thousands of dollars. and some insurance companies now do offer discounts to homeowners who install these
5:26 pm
types of leak detection systems. the company is now working on a cheaper version that will cost about $150. and if you have a consumer problem or story idea, email us >> thank you. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley standing by in new york. scott. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. as you have been reporting, america is back in battle. the president has ordered u.s. warplanes to attack sunni muslims in iraq. our holly williams is now in one of the cities in iraq that the united states is trying to defend. also, the truce in gaza is over. the rocket attacks have resumed. we'll have reports from inside gaza and iraq tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,
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the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a d i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00. a last-ditch effort to land tesla's multi-billion-dollar "giga factory." california lawmakers are sweetening the pot even though it may already be too late. >> also, tweeting from inside the hurricane in hawaii the bay area company that's developed technology to send back images from the heart of the storm. >> and finding temporary work, no suit, tie or interview needed. it's all coming up at 6:00.
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back to you. >> thank you. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: ton in battle. the president orders u.s. warplanes to attack sunni muslim extremists in northern iraq to stop a campaign of terror. but he makes americans this promise: >> i will not allow the united states to be dragged into fighting another war in iraq. >> pelley: reports from david martin, holly williams, and major garrett. the truce is over in gaza. the rocket attacks resume and the death toll mounts. clarissa ward is in gaza. jeff pegues on g.m. recalling more potentially dangerous vehicles. why the company says you shouldn't park this s.u.v. in your garage. and "on the road." what's behind that sign? a success story told by steve hartman. s reporter: this is a $3.5 million company now? >> that is correct, yes. >> reporter: how much of t


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